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How To Check USCIS Case Status Online | Complete Guide

Today we will teach you how to check USCIS Case Status online, as we have created this article to guide you. Also, we have make sure to provide you updated and complete information.

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How To Check USCIS Case Status Online

United State Citizenship and Immigration Service or USCIS facilitates its applicants to check the USCIS case status online on its official website i.e.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security allows the persons who have applied/ petitioned for an immigration. Whenever you file the Visa application with the USCIS, you will receive a form 1-797 notice of action. It notifies that your petition is received by USCIS.

How To Check USCIS Case Status Online

You will get 13- character alphanumeric case number by USCIS. This Number starts from alphabets like SRC, LIN etc. This number is called receipt number for your application.

This number indicates that your application is accepted by the USCIS for further process. With the help of this number, you are able to check your case status.

The Visa petitions such as H1B petitions, visa extensions and visa transfers application can be checked online to see their status.

The applicants who submitted green card petitions for employees or family members can check their case status online for application such as 1-140/ 1-485/ AOS etc.

How To Check USCIS Case Status Online?

For this process, you need only your receipt number. The applicant can also sign up for the myUSCIS account for the same, it is free and helps them to see their entire history.

This method will help you if you are unable to check the USCIS Case Status Online. You can also submit an online inquiry about your case.

Steps To Check USCIS Case Status Online

  • Visit the official website
  • Click the option my USCIS Case Status search Case Status Online
  • Type your 13-digit receipt number
  • Click the button check status and wait for processing
  • After finishing processing you will see the information about your case

Here you can register your account to receive email notifications whenever your case status changes.

Tips Check USCIS Case Status By Phone?

If your purpose is not solved call the Customer Service number 1-800-375-5283 for more details. Look for the option After You File at It will provide more details and type of services available to your file.

What Is The USCIS Receipt Number?

USCIS receipt/case number is to track the progress of identity of a particular immigration case/filing. It is one of the most commonly used numbers by immigrants and lawyers.

This number is an alphanumeric number. It starts with three letters followed by series of number say EAC-14-124-45389. Let’s go through the meaning of this number.

Meaning of first three Alphabets

The first three letters direct that which USCIS service center is processing the petition.

Number Name of the Service Center
EAC Vermont Service Center
VSC Vermont Service Center
WAC California Service Center
CSC California Service Center
LIN Nebraska Service Center
NSC Nebraska Service Center
SRC Texas Service Center
TSC Texas Service Center
MSC National Benefits Center
NBC National Benefits Center
IOE ELIS (e-Filing)
YSC Potomac Service Center

Next Two Numbers Means

These digits denote the Fiscal year in which USCIS received the petition. As the number stated above 14 stands for the petition was received by USCIS in the financial year 2014.

Note: The financial year starts on the 1st of October and closes on 30th September.

The Meaning Of Next Three Numbers

These numbers stand for the Computer workday, it is the day on which the receipt was processed and the fee was taken.

As in the example 124th processing date of the fiscal year. The date of filling can be calculated starting date from 1st October if required.

Last Five Numbers Stands For

Finally, these numbers denote the unique identity of the petition filed. We observe that these are the number issued in the serial of cases are being processed.

What Is USCIS?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is a part of the United States Department of Homeland Security. USCIS performs various administrative functions.

Earlier these were carried out by former United States Immigration and Naturalization Services. These are the part of the department of the justice.

The main motive of the USCIS is to provide national security, to eliminate immigration case bottlenecks and deliver the excellent customer services.

Mr. James McCament is the director of USCIS, who is the direct reports to Secretary of Homeland Security.

What is a USCIS Electronic Immigration System account?

If you have received the immigrant visa and looking to create USCIS Electronic Immigration System account to make the payment of an immigrant fee. You need to just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Go to USCIS ELIS and click on the option Create New Account under Create A New Account.

Provide Email Id and Account Type: Selecting one of the option from the drop-down menu under the heading Select Account Type. Type you valid Email Id in the provided space.

Conformation of Email ID: You will receive a confirmation number to the Email Id which you provided. This mail contains a USCIS ELIS link click on this link and access the USCIS ELIS login screen.

Password Setup: Create a password for this account and click on Next

Password Reset: Choose from the drop down menu there will be five passwords reset questions. You need to answer those question. This step helps the customer to reset the password in case he forgets it.

Selection of Security Preference: You will get three security option, you can choose one of them. The option is you want your PIN via text, Voice message or Email.

USCIS ELIS accepts only US phone number, not foreign numbers. So only U.S. citizens have the option to select PIN via the message of the voice message. The others will get their PIN via registered mail.

Security PIN: Type your security PIN and click only Submit PIN.

Activation of Account: As you enter the PIN the account will be activated. You will have the full access to use the USIC ELIS online account. Click on USCIS ELIS Home to start your task.

Through above instruction, you will be able to open the USICS ELIS online account. You can click here to know the method of payment of USCIS Immigrant fee using this account you created.

What is USCIS e-Request Portal?

With the help of e-Request, you can inquire electronically about application and petition submitted to USCIS. You can track the delivery or mailing of a document sent by USCIS through our secure Mail inventiveness.

With the help of this, you can create a service request if you don’t receive documents related to Forms 1-485. Application to Adjust Status or Adjust Permanent Residence. 1-765 Application for Employment Authority and 1-130 for the petition of Alien Relative.

How much USCIS Processing Time is?

The cases are processed by USCIS in order of receipt of the same. Here you come to know how long each office takes to process different cases.

Remember this page is updated by USCIS every 15th of each month. Users, please note this data may change without of any prior notice.The processing time of your case depends on the following points mentioned below

  • In which office your case is?
  • Which type of form did you filed?
  • On which date your case is received by USICS?

Know about Checking H1B Petition Status

It is the most commonly asked question how to check the status of my H1B petition status how much time it exactly takes.

Many people are worried about their status and even some people are waiting since last 4 months for the same. They receive no reply from USCIS or still, their case is in initial review status.

This question may seem trivial for the person who is in America, or it is not as small as the one who is in the other country.

There is a simple fact, which you must know that the visa filing system in America and the HIB petition must have been filed by their current Company, a consulting company or a large corporation.

Anyhow there is nothing wrong if you don’t know this. USCIS is a US Government Organization which accepts HIB petition for any fiscal year.

USCIS counts your application towards a cap that is allotted for the year. The cap is 20000 for advanced degree quota and 65000 for regular quota. Visit the USCIS site to check the status of your application online.


As an applicant, you must have many questions in your mind regarding your application status. We are going to list some common queries of the applicants.

What Do Case Rejected Stands for?

In case the payment made by you in not honored by the bank/ financial institution. Say if a cheque is bounced due to insufficient funds.

However, USCIS has changed the rules from prior years, in which petitioner can rectify the payment issue within a stipulated time. Rather save his/her case from being denied or rejected outright.

The applications which are not filed property with an explanation or some corrective action is pending. These all applications will be rejected by the USCIS.

What Does Your Case Was Received Stands For?

USCIS review all the applications and petitions to ensure they are properly filed. This includes the signature of the applicant, appropriate fee etc.

USCIS issues a receipt number for these applications and petitions and sends the receipt notice to the applicant / petitioner.

The acknowledgement step completes within 2 business days of the receipt of application. Through mail, it may take some weeks for you to receipt / rejection notice in the mail.

In case you don’t receive any notice within 30 days of mailing your application. You must call 1-800-375-5283 it is our national customer service center number.

Your Case Was Sent To The Department Of State Means?

This message shows your receipt number and the day on which your case has been sent to the department of state for Visa processing.

You can view the status of your case at National Visa Center after six weeks from the date of case send to a department of state.

For more information visit the to know about the general information on Consular processing refer our website

You will get more details like, what to do the next, whom to contact and how to change your address or any other changes required.

My Case Was Approved Means?

This indicates that the H1B petition with this specific case number was approved. And the receipt notice number has been sending to the employer/ attorney /through email or via traditional post.

This case status will appear only for those petitioners who filed their case under regular processing.

How To Response To USCIS’s Request For Additional Evidence Was Received?

A request for evidence is to be made when your application is lacking required documents. And documents are required to be produced to the officer.

The documents are required to determine the applicant’s eligibility or benefit sought. This document is necessary to fully evaluate your petition.

The notice will provide the details where to send the document and informs the stipulated time to send the same. For that period of time, your petition will be held in suspense during that period.

In case you received any request to submit the evidence and have queries in your mind. Don’t Panic! Call the number 1-800-375-5283 to National Customer Service Center for redressal of your queries.


What Is A Request For Additional Evidence Was Mailed?

According to USCIS regulations, you have to submit all the requested documents at the single time. Do not send any documents through separate mailings.

In case you send your incomplete documents before the deadline. USCIS will not consider this evidence, whenever deciding your case.

However, you can partially respond if you are unable to furnish all documents. In this case, USCIS may issue an13 RFE asking for the missing documents.

It is an excellent way to submit some evidence than none at all.

What Do You Mean By User Defined Error?

It means either you entered the wrong receipt number or your case has not been entered into the online system of USCIS. Be sure and enter the correct number. You can wait a couple of days try again if your case is not in the system.

How To Check Your USCIS My Case Status?

The application receipt number received from the USCIS, is required to check your case status. The receipt number is the 13-character number which you can find on application notice you have received from USCIS.

You need to type it in a proper format to get your case status.


Your USCIS Case Status Approved

You will receive a message with the date for the approval of your Form I-539, Application to extend/change non-migrant status. We will send your approval notice via mail. You need to follow the instructions as per the notice.


How I Can Check My Case Status USCIS

Enter your receipt number in correct case and check your case status. In the case of any query submit and online inquiry or call Customer service at 1-800-375-5283.


USCIS Case Status Login

In order to check your case status, you can log in to your account. The login details you have received from USCIS.

Can I Check USCIS Case Status By Name?

Yes, you can check the case status through your name.


Which Is The USCIS Case Status Online Receipt Number?

It is the same number which you received through mail after the submission of application.


What Is My Case Status?

It is our online tool to check the case status. To check the status you need only your case receipt number.

How To Track USCIS Case Status Tracking?

Use case tracker to follow the status of your E-Verify case.


Which Number For USCIS Case Status Call?

Call the NCSC toll-free at -1800-375-5283 to contact our National Customer service center.


What To Do When USCIS My Case Status Does Not Recognize The Receipt Number Rntered?

Check your receipt number and try again. For more help call 1-800-375-5283.


What Are US Citizenship And Immigration Services My Case Status USCIS?

The USCIS is an agency which provides upgraded services to check case status online.