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CEAC Case Status: How To Check CEAC Case Status?

CEAC Case Status – The Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) allows the foreign individuals and their legal representatives to check their status of U.S. visa application online. Through this system, you can make the payment for your application, submit and check files and documents.

The various forms you can check is DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application) and DS-260 forms through the website linked to the U.S. Department of State.

With the help of CEAC, you can get the updates of your petition any time of the day. The website of CEAC provides global service to allow the applicants of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas to check the status of their case.

You can access it from anywhere and all the petitions are in the database, independent of where these petitions are originated.

From 3rd September 2013 onwards all the individuals have to file an immigration petition to U.S. DOS using the DS-260 and DS-261. DS-260 is an online immigrant Visa Application & Alien Registration and the DS-261 is an online form for the choice of address and agent.

To conduct a check you need the place where your interview was held and reference number. Remember you can track the through CEAC status check if you made your application in last 12 months.

CEAC data is not available for the first few months of every year and becoming available around the beginning of January in the processing year.

CEAC Case Status

CEAC Case Status

Once you enter your details to check the CEAC status you will see the status of your petition. Let’s talk about the meaning of different status of your case.

1. No Status
Your status for online application will be No Status until your interview is completed.

2. Ready
It means that information such as photo and fingerprints need to be taken or an interview needs to be scheduled.

3. At NVC
This status means that U.S. authority has not opened your case or the DS260 form has not been submitted yet.

4. In transit
You case has arrived to U.S. Embassy to schedule an interview. You will get more information about the interview by visiting

5. Issued
Your application for visa is completed and approved and in final processing phase.

6. Refused
You can check more about the refusal by contacting the U.S. authority that handled your interview.

7. Administrative processing
It means further checks are needed for your case. This process can take 60 days’ time after the visa interview. In case any document is missing the U.S. Consulate contact you.

After the completion of this stage and your application has been accepted, your visa will be sent to your through mail in two working days.

8. Expired
It notifies that your registration for an immigration visa was canceled. Any petition approved on your behalf was also canceled.

9. Expired soon
According to the Section 203(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act needs the cancellation of registration and any approved petition if you don’t apply for an immigrant visa within one year of being notified to do the same.

If you are not able to get an immigrant visa during that period of time, you will fail to notify the USCIS that you haven’t obtained one, your application and petition approved on your behalf will be canceled.

To check the status you need the USCIS receipt number, full name, date of birth and your interview scheduled location.

The status can be checked You can check the immigrant and nonimmigrant visas by using the same website by selecting the appropriate description from the first drop-down menu on the website.

What is the need of CEAC Case Status?

When CEAC needs an additional information to make decision for your application. As if you don’t follow up the status of your application it can result in unnecessary delays and it may decline.

The website of CEAC provides the information regarding interview scheduled, progress and the office that is handling your case. The CEAC electronic tool helps you to check your CEAC visa status round the clock while allowing enhanced transparency.

In the case, if you are not informed, with your letter received after your interview about the refusal of your visa application. If your CEAC status shows that your petition is declined, you can contact the USCIS or your local U.S. Embassy for an explanation.

With the help of CEAC visa status check you will know how quickly your case is progressing and can schedule your interview without any delay. Using this system is helpful to understand the process and get notifications on the next steps to be done.

In the absence of the checking facility provided by the CEAC can cause unnecessary delays and cause unnecessary stress. To avoid the disappointment and stress, you can hire a professional visa attorney to check the status and take action which is required for your visa application.

As you receive your visa, it is no longer necessary to check the status. If the application was made more than 12 months ago, the petition will not be available in the system.

Actions are necessary for every type of status for example if the status of your case is in a nonstatus phase, then you need to schedule an appointment. On the other hand, if your status is “ready” then the status need to check regularly.

In case of visa shows an “issued” status, the delivery can be tracked online. If the case status is “administrative processing” applicants need to wait to be contacted by the USCIS for more information.

CEAC Case Status: Step By Step

1. Visit the official website Click Here
2. Ensure that your application was filled in the past 12 months.
3. Take your Barcode from the DS-160 application form you submitted. Your barcode will start with AAoo.
4. Click the Submit button
5. You will get the status of your application.

CEAC Case Status: Common Mistakes

1. If you don’t check your application online it can cause delay and your application may be canceled.
2. In case you don’t understand the status of your case it can cause confusion and applicants fail to follow up your case.
3. Failing to schedule an interview will cause refusal of the visa application. That’s all talktoihop about the CEAC Case Status.

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