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How To Check My Immigration Case Status? [Updated]

Immigration Case Status: When a person leaves his former country and goes to a country of foreigners for the purpose of permanent residence is called immigration. It is the international movement of people into a destination country of which they are not natives or where they don’t possess citizenship in order to settle or reside.

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The people travel from one country to another country for the purpose of employment and an improvement in the quality of life and access to resources. Many countries have immigration Visa restrictions that stops a person entering the country for the purpose of gaining work without a valid visa for work.

How To Check My Immigration Case Status?

How To Check My Immigration Case Status?

Different ways to immigrate to the USA?
The United States is one of the most favourite countries that draws the attention of foreigners. It is the dream country for many people. There are many reasons why foreign nationals select the USA when it comes to immigration.

The United States is made up of immigrants and people believe that the country offers a lot of job opportunities to the people. But it’s not easy to immigrate to the USA as there are many ways to immigrate to the USA.

If you are looking to immigrate to the USA you must be aware of the options to get the immigration. There are 3 ways to immigrate to the USA mentioned below.

You can immigrate to America and get a US Green card by securing a job in the country. The US provides this option to highly skilled foreign nationals. Actually, the USA is short of skilled workers in the field of science, technology, math, engineering and other fields.

So the US employers who have shortage supply of workers can hire foreign workers and sponsor them for lawful status.

The other common way to immigrate to the USA is through marriage. It is one of the easiest ways and foreign nationals who get married to US citizen will easily get US green card.

Green Card lottery is another way through which you can get an immigrant visa and get enter into the USA. US Congress conducts this program every year and this is open to the people who are citizens of under-represented countries.

1. Get Green Card through family member
You can immigrate to America if you have a family member of a US citizen or a permanent resident. That family member must be willing to sponsor you financially and for lawful status. The relative who sponsor you must file Form 1-130, Petition for an Alien Relative.

You can easily immigrate to your dream country with a US citizen’s immediate relative because there are no annual caps on the number of immigrant visas issued to the spouses, parents of US citizen and minor children.

Married adult children and sibling of US citizen can immigrate to the USA through family-based immigration but they can’t get immigrant visas. These candidates will put on the waiting list and they have to wait for them to obtain Green cards will depend on their home countries, their marital status and the visa availability.

  • You can immigrate if
  • You are a US citizen’s spouse, child or parent.
  • You are a US citizen’s unmarried child above the age of 21 years, a sibling or married child.
  • You are the minor child or spouse of a green card holder.

2. Employment-based Green Card
When the family-based immigration doesn’t suit you, you can go for employment-based immigration. For this, you need to possess some specific skills that a US employer must be willing to hire you and sponsor you for a green card.

You must have a college degree in a specialty occupation and the US employer who is offering you a job opportunity must be willing to file application and paperwork for a labor certification. The sponsoring employer also pays a legal fee for you. In this way, you will get a Green card if a US employer sponsors, but you may have to wait for some years to get a permanent resident card.

Tip: You can become a permanent resident if you invest an amount of $1 million in US business venture. This is the quickest way to immigrate to the USA.

  • Immigration to the United States based on a job offer.
  • Get a green card through an employment offer an employer must file Form 1-40 and sponsor you.
  • Green card by making an investment of a significant amount in the business venture of US.
  • Green card through self-petition is meant for the “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” and for the people who have been granted National interest Waivers.
  • Permanent resident status through special categories of jobs who can work in a specialized job.

3. Green Card through lottery
Every year 50000 green cards are being issued to the people who take part and win the Green Card lottery program. To take part in this program you must ensure that your country must be in the list of countries that are eligible to take part in the said program. You need to clear the eligibility to take part in this program.

Step to check the Status of immigration
You need 13-character application receipt number received from the USCIS, to check the immigration status of your case. This number can be found on application notices you have received from the USCIS.

Steps to check the Immigration Case Status online
1. Visit the website
2. Click my case status
3. Enter your receipt number in the box
4. Click the check status.
5. The status of your immigration will be on the screen.

Uses of immigration (Immigration Case Status)
Immigration is helpful to make an economy more productive, flexible, innovative and much more. It also offers a mix of cultural benefits and complicated challenges but manageable.

On the other side, immigration may depress the wages for the least skilled workers. Apart from this, there are many problems like the language barrier, policy problems etc. But immigration increases the new and better jobs for an economy.

Pros and Cons of Immigration Case Status


1. Helpful in filling the gaps of vacant positions
2. Boosts the economic growth in a host country.
3. Unemployment will be reduced and your migrants enhance their life prospects.

1. Increase in the population that can pressure on public services.
2. It increases the crime and people trafficking.
3. Migrants can be exploited.

FAQ: Immigration Case Status

Once I delivered all my documents and verified on NVC, Do I need to submit additional documents at the time of interview?

The documents taken by NVC is basic, when your case reaches the consulate, all documents will be reviewed. In case any document missing or expired, you must bring it on the day of the interview in original as well as a photocopy of the same.

In case my visa application has been refused. Can I get my money back?

No, the application fee you paid is the processing fee for your Visa so it cannot be refunded.

Can I fill the application form in my native language?

No, all answers must be in English except specially provided. In the absence of it, your application will be rejected and you need to log back into the CEAC (Consular Electronic Application Center) to provide English answers.

Do I need to bring my DS-260 application with me to the interview?

No, there is no need to bring your application form for an interview. The interviewing officer has full access to review your application online. visit here.

What should I do if my passport with visa was stolen?

Your passport with your admission stamp or paper form I-94 are lost/stolen, you must get them replaced immediately.

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