How To Get A Student Visa, How To Apply For A Student Visa


How To Get A Student Visa, How To Apply For A Student Visa: US visa is the most valuable key through which a foreign citizen can enter the United States. You need US visa for many purposes to get a job, to make the business investment, to do banking transactions, to study etc.

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Simply we can say a travel visa is a document that shows you are allowed to enter to a specific country for a specific period of time to a specific purpose such as tour, study or work.

However, there are many purposes to get a US visa but through this article, I am going to mention how to get US visa for study.

How To Get A Student Visa, How To Apply For A Student Visa

How To Get A Student Visa, How To Apply For A Student Visa

As you need a student visa to study in the USA, there are two types of Visas are available one is F-1 visa and another is M-1. Before I start how to get the visa let me tell you what is the purpose of F-1 and M-1 visa.

F-1 Visa
With the F-1 you can attend a university, college, high school, seminary, private elementary school, language training program and academic institution.

M-1 visa
The M-1 visa is a type of student visa which is reserved for vocational and technical schools. To obtain the M-1 visa to study in the USA, you need to present a signed Form I-20 at a US embassy or consulate in your home country.

If you are a student and looking for US visa this article helps you a lot. I have designed simple steps to follow to get a student Visa in the USA.

Step 1 – Make your passport
It is the initial step towards a student visa process. A valid passport must be valid for at least six months before applying for a student visa.

Remember in the absence of a valid passport you cannot attend for any English language course.

Step 2 – English Course
If you want to study in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, England you need to do an English course. IELTS and SAT are popular to the English course for these countries.

If you want to get admission in a famous college or university in the USA they will ask for a good result in English course.

Step 3 – Apply in your favorite college
Once you cleared the English course you need to apply in the college or a university. Here you will have to provide your educational background and your recent English course.

If the college is satisfied with the details provided by you, then you are eligible to get the admission in their college or university.

The said college or university will send you a conditional letter that you got the change to study in abroad.

Step 4 – Pay College or University fee
As you receive a conditional letter you need to pay the college fee. The fee can be paid through online mode or a bank draft. After receiving the money the college authority will send a confirmation letter that you are a student of their college.

And that college will ask for applying your student visa to their embassy. Unfortunately, if you didn’t get the Visa due to any reason they will send the money after deducting 5% to 15% from the amount paid by your as the college fee.

Step 5 – Apply for Student Visa
To apply for a student visa you need to make some documents. These important papers are called your sponsor documents. In case your sponsor is your father, then you need to show his bank balance.

It is a condition that you are financially sound for studying abroad. Keep ready all the supporting documents as per the demand of your embassy. As you submit all the documents the embassy will ask for an interview to prove that you are a student.

The documents required for your Visa interview
1. A valid passport
2. The nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160
3. The receipt of application fee paid
4. A passport size photo
5. The Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant F-1

Common question asked in the F-1 Visa?

Get ready to answer the question asked at your F-1 visa interview. If you know the question which are expected you will definitely get the benefit? The question will be asked will be related to these 5 categories.

1. About your study plans?
2. About the University you want to opt for?
3. What is your academic capability?
4. About your financial status?
5. About your post-graduation plans.

How To Get A Student Visa, How To Apply For A Student Visa

That’s all about the process of How To Get A Student Visa, How To Apply For A Student Visa


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