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OPT Case Status: How To Check OPT Case Status?

OPT Case Status: Are you the holder of F1 Visa and going to the US for full-time study? Of course looking for the opportunity to earn money in US dollars?

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Want to know the employment or internship opportunities in your field? Then you are at the right place this article is really meant for you.

OPT Case Status: How To Check OPT Case Status?

OPT Case Status: How To Check OPT Case Status?

Optional Practical training is meant to give an opportunity for the students to work in their field of study. The main purpose of the CPT is to provide the students work so that they gain experience in their field of study while at work.

OPT is given for 12 months duration for all degree holders however it can be extended for 17 months for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). According to the new proposal, the 17 month period may be extended to 24 months. But this extension is valid in the case of jobs offered by an employer enrolled in the E-Verify program.

You can get two types of OPT called pre-completion OPT and post-completion OPT. The pre-completion OPT is which you can utilize for your area of study before the graduation. On the other hand the post-completion you can work in your area after your graduation degree.

Be careful while choosing your opt option, if you chose to use pre-completion OPT, the respective time duration will be deducted from the 12 months OPT time period. On pre-completion OPT you can work up to 20 hours on the part-time basis when the school is in session and you are enrolled for full time and full time during summer vacations.

This will be 1 month for 2 months of part-time OPT Fall and Spring terms and 1 month for the month of full time OPT in summer terms.

So the most of the students prefer OPT after completing their graduation. The pre-completion OPT is used only when there is no chance to work on CPT. To get the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and utilize OPT, you will have to fill an application form and send it to USCIS.

Important points to keep in mind to utilize the OPT

1. Apply for OPT 120 days before you intended to start the employment.

2. Plan your OPT on time so that you are in OPT after you graduate.

3. You will lose your status in US if you don’t have OPT started within 2 months grace period.

4. There is no restriction on OPT but it must be related to your course field.

5. It is an option that US Govt provides the international students to find their right employers.

6. The general OPT is given for a period of 12 months.

7. In case you have not utilized you’re your OPT before graduation you can work on CPT full time for 12 months duration.

Steps to check the OPT case status

1. Visit the website

2. Click the option “Check your Case Status”

3. Type your “Receipt Number” from the receipt notice that is received from ISS through email about two weeks after the submission of your application to USCIS.

4. You will see the status

5. In case you see a notification that a “Request for Evidence” has been sent, contact ISS. It means that USCIS needs to send more documents. Remember there is a time limit for its reply.

OPT Case Status: How To Check OPT Case Status

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